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Setting the Agenda and Leading the Conversation

March 6, 2014

Corporations and their management teams can lead and their respective market segments, but they can also lead in other areas such as industry trade groups and engaging in conversation with their customers and peers. For …

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Exercising Caution on the Phone

February 26, 2014
We almost lost Detroit

We received a call at the house last night that was strange and a little disturbing.  The caller said they were with our bank and needed to confirm our identity before speaking to us about an important matter.  They reported to be with our bank, and they had that information correct.  However, they wanted to confirm our identity by using our Social Security NumberI laughed and said no.  The person told me this was important financial information, and that it was critical that we speak about it.  They said that they could not discuss it with me, unless I confirm my identity.

Again, I told them that I would not give them that information to some random person that called me on the phone.  I asked why I should trust them.  Would they give that information out to someone who called them?  No answer other than they have important information to discuss with me, but they need to confirm my identity first.

This was getting very odd.  I asked why a bank would expect their customers to share such information when “the bank” made the call in the age of identity theft?  It was not as if I called the bank and had knowledge of whom I was speaking to.  They said it was the bank’s standard practice.

Wow – I told them that I was not going to do this.  They said they were done arguing with me. Okay…great!  I asked if they would send me a certified letter with what matter was soo important since we had reached an impasse.  I got a noncommittal okay and a hang-up.

Is this a new vishing scam to try to get personal identification?  It has to be one of the oddest phone calls I have had in a very long time.  With all the identity theft going on these days, I am very cautious as to what information that I give out on the phone or anywhere else for that matter.

Windows 8.1 Playing Nice…Network Connected

February 13, 2014

For over a week, my Windows 8.1 Enterprise installation has been reporting Limited Connectivity while connected to our corporate wired local area network. It was odd that it only happened on the LAN and not …

Opportunities at the Application Layer

February 5, 2014
Man Thinking

I saw a headline earlier today that Bill Gates spent the day installing Windows 8.1.  I too, in my free time, have spent the last couple days beginning to set up a new Windows 8.1 …

Remembering and perspective

February 1, 2014
Happy Time of Life are with Family

Personally, professionally, and academically, this has been a crazy week.  This is one of those weeks that makes you pause and just realize how crazy life can get at times.  Luckily, all of it is …

Cloud Providers Should be Upset

June 11, 2013
Security Notice

Today, I was just speaking with a colleague about one of the “victims” of the NSA data “scandal.”  It is the cloud providers.  All of these cloud-based providers have got to be ‘just thrilled’ with …

A few comments about education

June 2, 2013
Guitar Macro 1

I wrote this the other day for a different purpose.  I made a few more tweaks and thought I would post it…
One of the first questions we have to ask is what we want out …

Success, the Right Way

May 25, 2013
20 dollar bill caught in fishing hook

For much of my life success was about accumulating more money and possessions than those around me. In reality, it was not a healthy or even true definition of success for my life. It was …