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Michael Cruse | Primary Contributor

Greetings and a little bit about myself:

I live in San Diego, California with my wife and three wonderful daughters. I have been working in Information Technology (IT) sector for several years mainly in various IT leadership roles.

The IT environment must work for any organization to be successful, and it takes talented people to make that happen. I focus strongly on effectively utilizing technology to assist organizations and people in moving corporate and individual goals forward. I am accomplished in tactical IT and budget management; strategic IT planning; complex project management; and building high-performance work teams. My teams and I set high standards and expectations of excellence for each other and our external partners. An IT department must support its customers in a friendly and caring manner while keeping the technical operation working at optimal performance. By this approach, we deliver the value that technology promises for our organizations and thereby better enabling our colleagues to achieve their desired goals.

Thank you and please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn, Email, or Twitter.

Disclaimer and general site information

This site is a personal blog about events in and around my life. I write about everything from my children, work, the IT industry, to my  investments. This is my journey through life, and I will reap the rewards and consequences from it.


No postings or comments should be considered the opinion or thoughts of my employer, my fellow employees, vendors, partners, or anyone else.

I do not warranty or guarantee the accuracy of any information posted.  At the time an article is posted, I believe the information to accurate and current.  I do not review old posts or update information as it changes.

No posting or comment on this blog should be considered investment, financial, insurance advice, or recommendations. I am not licensed or certified to give any financial or investment advice. I have a financial interest in most, if not all, of the companies that I write about. Specifically, with investments, I will move in and out of long and short positions without notice or posting on this blog. Any information or ideas that you glean from my rambling should only be considered after consulting with your professional advisor and only after you have done your homework by reviewing the prospectus, financial statements, and quarterly conference calls.

–== Good luck and may the tides be in your favor always ==–