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Setting the Agenda and Leading the Conversation

March 6, 2014
public hearing

Corporations and their management teams can lead and their respective market segments, but they can also lead in other areas such as industry trade groups and engaging in conversation with their customers and peers. For …

Success, the Right Way

May 25, 2013
20 dollar bill caught in fishing hook

For much of my life success was about accumulating more money and possessions than those around me. In reality, it was not a healthy or even true definition of success for my life. It was …

High Expectations and Low Tolerances

October 18, 2010
Server equipment found in a data center

High expectations with a low tolerance for frustration typically make for cranky customers. The web has turned the vast majority of wired people into cranky customers. I just cannot accept that my (insert application name …

KPI’s – The Truth Is in the Numbers, Ignore Them at Your Own Peril

September 5, 2009 4 Comments
KPI Charts Provide Valuable Visual Information for Comparing Performance Over Time

KPIs stands for “Key Performance Indicators” and are a mechanism by which individuals, departments and companies track their performance. If you do not have a good baseline and understanding of basic performance metrics, you will not …

Ask and You Shall Receive…Just be Prepared to Receive

November 15, 2008 4 Comments

Everyone loves to hear their name sung in praise as it stokes the flames burning in our egos. Most people crave recognition for achievements, but this shouldn’t be considered a negative trait because it is …

Time cannot be managed, but how you spend it can

November 2, 2008 8 Comments

Being pulled into twenty different directions at once almost feels commonplace these days.  Everyone reaches a point, at some time, where they say the proverbial “enough is enough,” and they know it is time to …

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