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Time…We Never Seem to Have Enough

January 11, 2016
writing journal creativity imagination people

I have a little more time at night now and have started to write once more.  I forgot how much I enjoy writing even though I think I am a bit of a hack. I …

Deep Thoughts for a Sunday

April 4, 2010
Sun rise over the water - dawn of a new day

I have been working on a few papers recently and one of them gave me an opportunity to reflect for a bit on life and the evolution of our species. I remembered back to a time when I …

Reminding Me Why I Do It

February 4, 2010
Happy Time of Life are with Family

Sometimes I just get it, and this is one of these times. All the pressures of life mount and mount with work, family, school, career, finance, etc.; it’s enough to sap the soul out of anyone. …