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January 28, 2016

Increases in employee engagement and performance occur through the aligning of the organization’s culture and mission (Katzenbach, Steffen, & Kronley, 2012). This arrangement creates synergies that positively reinforce the firm’s cultural values, beliefs, and behaviors. A …

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Information Tech

the reality of working in IT for the last decade


take charge of your career, before someone else does


the realities and joys of being in management


a fun project that turned into a hobby sometimes

Life & Times

we all get one shot at it, better make it count

More Learning from Change Management

January 11, 2016
FreeImages.com | Alex Smith

Change is perpetual in the business world, and its pace is accelerating. As business leaders, I feel we must be prepared to be an active force in identifying, planning, enabling and sustaining change initiatives. This …

Reflecting on Organizational Change

January 8, 2016
FreeImages.com | Alex Smith

Recently, I spent some time reflecting on some Change Management materials that I have been reading. I wanted to find a general theme that would help bring a more tangible and significant meaning to the …

Dragon Professional Individual 14 “SendKey Canceled”

September 7, 2015
Dragaon Home

Another conflict occurred that required me to disable the advanced security setting in Adobe Acrobat.  This error has not happened since this setting was changed.
Original Post:
I have recently upgraded to Dragon Professional Individual (NaturallySpeaking) 14.  I …

Back to School Night

September 3, 2015
Classroom by Javier Ramirez

Google is taking over Macs in schools!  Chromebooks and Google Classroom seem to be making some serious inroads in the K-12 education.  For every Mac we saw tonight, I saw a technology cart full of …