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January 28, 2016

Increases in employee engagement and performance occur through the aligning of the organization’s culture and mission (Katzenbach, Steffen, & Kronley, 2012). This arrangement creates synergies that positively reinforce the firm’s cultural values, beliefs, and behaviors. A …

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Information Tech

the reality of working in IT for the last decade


take charge of your career, before someone else does


the realities and joys of being in management


a fun project that turned into a hobby sometimes

Life & Times

we all get one shot at it, better make it count

High, High Speed

June 20, 2008

Verizon is starting a major roll out of their FiSO service. I sooo want this service. I would be delighted with the 20Mb/10Mb service, not to mention the 50Mb service. Near giddy, I tell you, …

House of Pain

June 20, 2008

XM (red line) & Sirius (blue line) – I feel like I got a hit by a large Mac truck – I am in a house of pain. This is my longest holding and it …

Google Apps – Part 3a: Notes and Tasks

June 19, 2008
Google Apps Logo

I have been playing (WoW) with my Guild mates and having a bit to much fun at night so I have not made much progress with Google Apps. Ahh, the choices we make in life …

Lost and Looking

June 18, 2008

I made some good gains in QCOM options – Thank you QCOM ;-).
I sold the oil stocks a little while back to bank profits. Thank you (speculators, oil company manipulation, government incompetence, environmentalists, …