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Success, the Right Way

May 25, 2013
20 dollar bill caught in fishing hook

For much of my life success was about accumulating more money and possessions than those around me. In reality, it was not a healthy or even true definition of success for my life. It was …

Continuing on…The Internet Never Forgets

May 7, 2013
The digital world

The other day I was ranting about privacy in the digital age. The public does not fully comprehend the potential positive or negative impact of cloud services on their lives; how the information they choose …

A Digital Trail

December 7, 2011
Till Logon Screen

You walk along a sandy beach and turn around to see your foot steps in the sand. This image is so powerful that it has been used by religions and sages throughout the ages. Think …

Sliding Back Into Bad Habits

March 26, 2010

We work hard to stay on the straight and narrow path by staying focused in our work and driving towards our goals. However, as the pressure and demands on us increase, our focus begins to break down …

We are all consultants, and everyone is a client

August 28, 2009 2 Comments

It does not matter what position we occupy in our career, we are all consultants. The sooner we realize this the better off our careers will be. I do not care if you are in accounting, …

Social-networking can be rewarding and it can get you a pink slip

October 22, 2008 6 Comments

Having MySpace or other social-networking sites that present anything less than a stellar picture of oneself can hurt one’s chances at advancement or even ongoing employment. This goes for full-time employed people and freelancers/consultants.
Last month, I …

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