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Setting the Agenda and Leading the Conversation

March 6, 2014
public hearing

Corporations and their management teams can lead and their respective market segments, but they can also lead in other areas such as industry trade groups and engaging in conversation with their customers and peers. For …

Difficult Conversations and Difficult Self-Control

May 18, 2013
One Angry Cat

We have all experienced the good and the bad of dealing with tech support, information technology departments, and IT people in general.  We have received exceptional customer service and support by understanding people who genuinely …

A Digital Trail

December 7, 2011
Till Logon Screen

You walk along a sandy beach and turn around to see your foot steps in the sand. This image is so powerful that it has been used by religions and sages throughout the ages. Think …

Taking Time to Assess the IT Plan

March 17, 2011
Everyone needs a Brain Trust to help develop a good plan

Twice a year, I get my greater IT team together to assess the tactical plan for the next six months and gather input looking forward to the next three years.  I found this process to be insightful, …

The Dangers of Taking Work too Personaly

March 31, 2010
The Fish Market -- San Diego, CA

I started to write about a recent bad experience I had at one of my favorite restaurants, but after a couple of days of cooling off, I realized this was a good example of taking work …

We are all consultants, and everyone is a client

August 28, 2009 2 Comments

It does not matter what position we occupy in our career, we are all consultants. The sooner we realize this the better off our careers will be. I do not care if you are in accounting, …

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