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Modern and Postmodern Management Theory

September 3, 2015
Management Library by Ulrik De Wachter

In working on another project, I completed some research on Management Theory.  I found the reading insightful and wrote some thoughts on the topic…
Modern management theories arose out of the industrial revolution through the First …

Read More by Listening

May 21, 2013
More people are starting to self-publish their writings

I love to read, but it is nearly impossible to read as much as I wish.  Between professional and personal obligations, there is not enough hours during a day.  Unfortunately, the volume of brand new …

Kindle moves slowly in the right direction

October 24, 2010
Amazon Kindle announced a few days ago that Kindle users would be able to lend books to other Kindle users. I cannot say that I was surprised by this move, as its competitors are farther down the road than …

Picking up where I left off

October 11, 2010

It is crazy when I look back and see how quickly I have fallen off track with planned activities. It started with “I am going to take the day off from writing,” and the next …