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More Learning from Change Management

January 11, 2016 | Alex Smith

Change is perpetual in the business world, and its pace is accelerating. As business leaders, I feel we must be prepared to be an active force in identifying, planning, enabling and sustaining change initiatives. This …

Reflecting on Organizational Change

January 8, 2016 | Alex Smith

Recently, I spent some time reflecting on some Change Management materials that I have been reading. I wanted to find a general theme that would help bring a more tangible and significant meaning to the …

Remembering and perspective

February 1, 2014
Happy Time of Life are with Family

Personally, professionally, and academically, this has been a crazy week.  This is one of those weeks that makes you pause and just realize how crazy life can get at times.  Luckily, all of it is …

A few comments about education

June 2, 2013
Guitar Macro 1

I wrote this the other day for a different purpose.  I made a few more tweaks and thought I would post it…
One of the first questions we have to ask is what we want out …