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Setting the Agenda and Leading the Conversation

March 6, 2014
public hearing

Corporations and their management teams can lead and their respective market segments, but they can also lead in other areas such as industry trade groups and engaging in conversation with their customers and peers. For …

Skype, oh how you bug me

September 6, 2011 2 Comments
Screenshot of a Skype Home Popup

I have used Skype (application used to make voice/video calls over the Internet) for the last several years and generally been very fond of the application.  Recently, Skype seems to be trying to move into a …

By the way, who moderates the moderators?

March 8, 2011
Freedom to write and comment without control of website operators

It is no secret for people who generate online content that they often have to deal with problems that arise from participants in the comment forum.  From the inevitable spammers to the general antisocial types, …

Teaching the new media ways

January 11, 2010
Teaching the new media ways to the next generation

When does education stifle or retard technical and usage innovation? I am not sure, but it is something that I have been thinking more about over the past several months. The United States has been a …

Getting why I don’t get it

December 1, 2009
Man Thinking

Have you ever woken up one morning and thought you might be losing your edge? Then you begin to question your knowledge and experience in determining useful aspects of modern society. I get this way …

Employers to Job Seekers: We Snoop, Deal With It

August 21, 2009 One Comment

Reality is reality and there is no way around it.  Since the social-networking boom, research into the online lives of potential candidates happens with ever increasing frequency.  The trend of researching candidates’ social-networking profiles will become standard practice for nearly every …

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