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Read this before you publish Blog Posts in Word 2013!

May 1, 2013 One Comment
Word 2013 New Document Screen

My last post briefly outlined the steps to publish a blog post with Word 2013. Microsoft Word makes a very good tool for creating and publishing blog posts, but once you publish the post you …

Everything Needs Maintenance, Even a Blog

April 29, 2013
Doing some cleaning on your blog

It is been my general experience that many auto mechanics typically have cars that run in less than ideal condition. IT professionals often have computers and websites that are similarly plagued with less than ideal …

Why Twitter will make it

July 30, 2012
Twitter Logo

I was asked a few minutes ago why I think Twitter will make it. Well, it is because typing blog posts on my phone is not very fun nor can I put much thought into …

Blogging from the phone

December 15, 2011
an iPhone Screen

I am sitting in a car waiting to pick up a relative and noticed how slow time goes by while doing nothing. So I am taking the time to really look at my phone and …

Amazon EC2 Playground

October 3, 2011

Hey Amazon!
Thanks for allowing us to play with the EC2 Micro Site for Free! I am having fun time playing with it. I am amazed how bad my Linux skills have gotten, but at least …

Be Happy In Your Updates

March 20, 2011 One Comment
Unexpected Updates Make for a Happy Blogger

It is great when a few things come together all at once especially when all of it was completely unexpected.  I have not been doing much on my blog over the last several months but …

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