Game On

I play an online game called World of Warcraft and have a lot of fun. My wife and oldest daughter play a bit a well. I got to play tonight as the wife and children (all of them) were sleeping.

WoW (for short) is online role-playing game with millions of players. You get to play this game with and against other people, as well as, computer generated enemies. I belong to a guild, just a group of friendly players, and we tend to play together when more then a couple are online. Tonight, we continued in our Kara run and did well. I had a great time and got a new piece of gear.

This is not a game blog so I do not/will not talk a ton about WoW, but I great time tonight playing. I know a lot of people who sit in front of a TV for the last few hours of their day. A couple nights a week, I like to spend mine in a computer world playing with friends. It was a nice way to end a very long day.