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An Error Occurred – Try Refreshing?

An Error Occurred – Try Refreshing?

Sometimes apps have their own mind and do not behave as we wish.  I have dealt with a problem where Microsoft MSN Money App for Windows 10 displays the following message on several tabs “An error occurred” and “Try refreshing?” with a link to “Refresh this page.”  Refreshing the page never helped.  I tried reinstalling the app, resetting Internet Explorer settings, and registering the App Store with PowerShell, but nothing corrected the problem.

I was able to fix the problem, but trying these steps is done so at your own risk. I did not look at the implications of taking ownership as described below and deleting the wrong folders will break your apps.

  • Uninstall Money by right-clicking on the Tile and choosing “Uninstall.”
  • Navigate with File Explorer to C:\Program Files\WindowsApps
    You may need to turn on the setting to display hidden folders, and you must grant yourself access to the folder by taking ownership.  This will cascade down through the folder tree.  You can do this just to the base folder and the specific sub-folders that need to be deleted if you wish (Look at Step 7 in the Ownership link or Google how to do it.)
  • Delete the three folders that start with “Microsoft.BingFinance.” DO NOT DELETE ANY OTHER FOLDERS.
  • Reinstall Money from the Microsoft App Store
  • Start the Money App!
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Help – Keyboard Stopped Working in Windows 10

Help – Keyboard Stopped Working in Windows 10

At home, us parents use a Dell Inspiron laptop, and it has been working great for two years. Similarly, to most people, we are cramming to finish our taxes on time. This was not the time for the laptop to start acting up. While blissfully pecking away at the keyboard downloading statements, the keyboard on the laptop became unresponsive. A reboot did not fix the problem. However, we could enter the bios without any difficulty. While in the bios, the keyboard worked normally. I disconnected all USB connections and the power cord from the laptop. I rebooted once again, but no improvement.

I completed several searches on Google but every suggestion I found did not correct the problem. I cannot pull the battery out of the laptop quickly because it is an enclosed device. I would have to remove the back of the laptop, but I wanted to save that for my last-ditch effort. Resetting the bios to defaults, flashing the bios, and removing the device from the device manager all failed to improve the situation. I even ran the Dell diagnostics on the computer, and it came back clean. Now, the trackpad stopped responding in Windows 10, but it continued to function normally in the bios and Dell diagnostic screens.

I powered up the laptop one more time, and then shut it down with the power button by just holding it down. This is an ungraceful shutdown for a notebook. If this was a desktop computer, it is as close as I can get to walking up and pulling the power cord out of the wall. Luckily for us, the forced power down of the laptop corrected the problem. The keyboard and trackpad on the laptop resumed normal operation inside of Windows 10. If the forced power down did not work, my last troubleshooting step was to pull the battery out and then call Dell’s tech support.  If all else failed, I would reformat the computer and reinstall Windows 10.

The issue is happily resolved by performing a hard shutdown on the laptop. I actually did this step out of frustration versus intentional troubleshooting. What a lucky little turn of events…

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Dragon Professional Individual 14 “SendKey Canceled”

Dragon Professional Individual 14 “SendKey Canceled”


Another conflict occurred that required me to disable the advanced security setting in Adobe Acrobat.  This error has not happened since this setting was changed.

Original Post:

I have recently upgraded to Dragon Professional Individual (NaturallySpeaking) 14.  I use this application extensively to capture initial thoughts while preparing for writing projects and completing drafts of documents.  I have been a loyal Dragon user for multiple years and have found it to increase my productivity substantially.  Recently, I upgraded to Windows 10 and Dragon Professional Individual 14 and all went well for two weeks.

Starting yesterday, “SendKey Canceled” errors started to occur while using Dragon.  Additional information listed “at line 1 in script Dragon Voice Commands Automation.” and the system would appear unresponsive.  I would press control-alt-delete to lock my computer screen.  When I unlocked the screen, I could cancel the error message.

After doing a fair amount of Google searching (watch out for the malware “fix links”), I can see this is caused by a software conflict.  I started to uninstall updates and applications to see if I could track down the conflict.

For me, the application creating the conflict with Dragon was GIMP 2.8.14.  Once I uninstalled my favorite image editing application and rebooted, the error went away.  In the last several hours of dictation, it is not returned.

This is not to say that there is a problem with GIMP or Dragon.  For me at least, these two applications just do not want to play well together right now.

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Back to School Night

Back to School Night

Google is taking over Macs in schools!  Chromebooks and Google Classroom seem to be making some serious inroads in the K-12 education.  For every Mac we saw tonight, I saw a technology cart full of Chromebooks.  It is fascinating to see the adoption of technology in the classroom. The students seem to love it and enjoy the content. Teachers were more dubious.  With all new technologies, some glitches were experienced and some people adapt to new technologies faster than others.

A couple of teachers seemed less than thrilled, but everyone else had positive comments as to the role of the new electronic tools. Many teachers prefer the Chromebooks to Macs for the students.  They commented on cost and the benefit of having one for every student.  In addition, they liked how students could start on an assignment at school and finish it at home.  They days of “I forgot my assignment at home” are gone since all the data is stored in the cloud.

It will be fascinating to see how the technology evolves over the next decade.