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Improved Self-Hosted WordPress Performance

My self-hosted WordPress website was slow. Google Analytics Site Speed showed page load times fluctuating from 8 to over 15 seconds.  I know that anything over 2 seconds is bad and results in lower traffic and search engine referrals.  I have put up with this slowness for years, but now I need … Continue reading
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Cloud Providers Should be Upset

Today, I was just speaking with a colleague about one of the “victims” of the NSA data “scandal.”  It is the cloud providers.  All of these cloud-based providers have got to be ‘just thrilled’ with the negative publicity online services are currently receiving with this concern over … Continue reading
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Continuing on…The Internet Never Forgets

The other day I was ranting about privacy in the digital age. The public does not fully comprehend the potential positive or negative impact of cloud services on their lives; how the information they choose to share and store inside of those systems lives and dies; or how a data breach will affect … Continue reading
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Everything Needs Maintenance, Even a Blog

It is been my general experience that many auto mechanics typically have cars that run in less than ideal condition. IT professionals often have computers and websites that are similarly plagued with less than ideal configuration and are sorely in need of maintenance. As it goes with mechanics, so … Continue reading