A line drawing of a smart phone

Rolling with the Updates

I am sure that I am like most "techie" people right now who jumped onto the iOS 6 bandwagon today. I have to give it to Apple on this iOS release. I ran into absolutely zero issues with my upgrade on my iPhone and iPad. When iOS 5 came out, we all had serious issues for the first few days with … Continue reading
An iPhone Home Screen

Blogging from the phone

I am sitting in a car waiting to pick up a relative and noticed how slow time goes by while doing nothing. So I am taking the time to really look at my phone and see all that it can do. Guess what!! The modern-day mobile phone can do a ton of things! For example, I am creating this blog post from … Continue reading
iPad images with Apps

An iPad to Bring Them All Together

The world has been buzzing since the release of Apple’s latest creation, the iPad. I scoffed and pitied them all for fueling Apple’s marketing machine. That is, until I started to take a closer look at the specification and potential uses of the device. I am a core Windows/Intel person. I have … Continue reading