Photo Credit: "SMART Goals" (CC BY 2.0) by photocamdavis

Goals are not a Panacea for Achievement

I have been a strong advocate of S.M.A.R.T. goals.  This method has significant appeal for annual bonus planning and assessing performance achievement.  However, being goal driven in all aspects of your life can be detrimental. What I have begun to understand is that goals always leave me … Continue reading
Handwriting in a journal

Time…We Never Seem to Have Enough

I have a little more time at night now and have started to write once more.  I forgot how much I enjoy writing even though I think I am a bit of a hack. I am envious of all the good authors I read all the time. I know the only way to improve it to write, so I will write here and torture the people … Continue reading
A Row of Books on Management

Modern and Postmodern Management Theory

In working on another project, I completed some research on Management Theory.  I found the reading insightful and wrote some thoughts on the topic… Modern management theories arose out of the industrial revolution through the First and Second World War.  Modern management theories adoption … Continue reading